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OCT-Resort: New Year's Bash
Shuuya leaned back against the back of the sofa and let his head flop back with a sigh. He was experiencing that subtle disappointment that comes from spending all night with people he was forced to interact with all day. The judges had colonised the staff room for the purposes of a last-minute New Year's Party.
Admittedly it had been fun. For about five minutes. And then Shuuya remembered why he spent as little time with these people as possible: Seth had already made three cracks at Shuuya about his taste in drinks, with a clear momentum that suggested he could keep such hilarity up all evening. The evening had wound down to the point when people were drunk enough to think that Truth or Dare could be considered fun, but not rat-arsed enough to actually fall over.
"My turn," Seth slurred, trying to get comfy on the single seat next to Kagayaku, who was lounging on the sofa next to him. "Kaga, my dearest!" he crowed, leaning onto his elbow and leaning in to grin at her. Almost in synch
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TwF- Shuuya: Training
"Uhm... Sir?"
Shuuya  managed to open an eye and stared rather unseeing at the worried face  of a young recruit, holding a sheet of paper under her arm. She stumbled  back as Shuuya scratched the back of his head and gave a yawn.
"Mmh? Yeah? What is it?" he asked, straightening up at the speed of continental drift.
"You said we were to come back when we had scored ten headshots..." she managed, holding up the bit of paper like a ward.
"Oh, yeah?" Shu managed, taking the paper as his brain tried to catch up to current events. "Let's see here."
The page was a printout of the girl's target practice result.
Name: Andrews, Diamanda 
Target distance: 100 yards.
Total shots fired: 11
Total shots landed: 11
Shot breakdown:
-Right Leg: 0
-Left Leg: 0
-Right Arm: 0
-Left Arm: 0
-Torso: 1
-Head: 10
Accuracy: 100%
Headshot Accuracy: 90.9%
Time (M:S:MS)- 00.15.56
Shuuya  read the sheet three times before turning to the nervous Diamanda, who  was still standing roughly
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 2
Mature content
TwF- Shuuya: Promotion :iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 2
Mature content
TwF- Shuuya: The Arrangement :iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 7
Mature content
TwF- Shuuya: Intro :iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 6
TwF Fan-Art: Shuuya by Inuryan TwF Fan-Art: Shuuya :iconinuryan:Inuryan 2 5
Oct Resorti: Tier 1.5 Skit
Aonoi leaned back on her elbows and glanced over her shoulder as Shu counted pearls out of a little pouch and into the hand of the cashier.
"And yet he still paid for all of us," Mr. Ginsu observed, as Shuuya, food stacked on two trays, staggered his way to the table.
"He was aware that we were kidding, right?" Aonoi asked, raising an eyebrow and glancing around for confirmation.
"I told him we were joking…" Kagayaku murmured. "Is he alright?"
"Hey, I can't speak for the rest of you," Alex explained, leaning back across two seats in a booth., "but I for one was serious, want my free burger!"
"Right, then," Shuuya muttered, placing the trays on the two booth tables. He began to pass the plates around, whilst he tried to remember the orders.
"We got Kaga's pasta bake & garlic bread."
"Thank you."
"A salad 'n 'Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.' for Ginsu,"
"Oh, very funny, Shu," Ginsu muttered, grinning at him as he took the cup and plate.
"Burger, fries and coke for Alex, man after my own
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 3 16
Oct Resorti: Like A Judge.
Yellow: Mister Muto… Thank you for taking the time to come and sssspeak to ussss…
Shu: No problem…
Cyan: So, some people say you're the most… active admin around here, is that right?
Shu: Prob'ly: I am a Judge after all.
Magenta: What is an average say in the life of a Judge?
Shu: Well, the first thing I do is…
TALK TO ADMINS  (Like a Judge)
WORK OUT TIERS (Like a Judge)
GET TOLD BY YELLOW: (Like a Judge)
"PREPARE ZE TRAIN" (Like a Judge)
FIGHT WITH F.I.P (Like a Judge)
TAKE A NAP (Like a Judge)
IN THE HANGAR (Like a Judge)
STOWAWAY (Like a Judge)
GO SKY DIVING! (Like a Judge)
LEAD THE CHARGE (Like a Judge)
INTO THE LAKE (Like a Judge!)
TAKE A NAP (Like a Judge)
FIGHT WITH SETH (Like a Judge)
PAY FOR DINNER (Like a Judge)
DINE-AND-DASH (Like a Judge)
PISS OFF YELLOW (Like a Judge)
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 3 19
Oct Resorti: Tier 1 Skit
"What kinda moron decided t'have round 1 be 'throw people out a plane and watch em parachute down'?"
The door to the Judge's Room was shoved open by a rather grubby foot. Look up the extended leg, up the rather damp suit, up the man's vest and up further to the unimpressed face of Shuuya Muto. His hair was dripping wet and he had the expression of a man ready to choke a bitch.
The only other person in the room, the pink-haired woman Shuuya knew only as Kagayaku, blinked and looked up from her reading material. Shuuya barely acknowledged her as he stomped into the room, hands stuffed into the pockets of his rather shabby suit trousers, and threw himself onto the sofa.
"Seriously!" he growled at nobody in particular, grabbing at the tails of his shirt and wringing it in an attempt to dry it out.  Even though there was another person in the room, it wasn't a directed rant so much as a furious undirected ramble.
"One moment, I was sleepin' on a crate in the back of a plane and th
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 6 27
OCT Resorti Profile: Shu by Inuryan OCT Resorti Profile: Shu :iconinuryan:Inuryan 2 14
MagusSphere: Resound
Birth Name:
Irina Prokhorov
Year of Birth:
Late 3008
Russo-Asian (New-Moscow)
Range Class Index:
Magus-Free; Russo-Asian cell (Ex-member)
Standing at about 5' 5", more often than not in green army cargos and a wool-lined black jacket, Irina Prokhorov exudes an air of loosely-controlled irritation; it seems like she wants to walk up to the Creator and kick them in the shins for doing it all wrong.
-Kinetic Energy Resistance
-Reversal of Kinetic Energy
Gift side-effects:
-Resound has the remarkable gift to absorb and return kinetic energy; when any object travelling at a sufficient speed comes into contact with Resound's body, her ability allows most of the force behind the object to be absorbed an instantly released back towards its point of origin.
-Let's say, for the sake example, that someone tries to lay a punch on Resound. The fist would make contact, but the impact would be reduced.
To Resound, the att
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 3 3
Mature content
Swirly II- Round 4 :iconinuryan:Inuryan 2 28
Mature content
Swirly II- Round 3 :iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 0
Swirly II- Round 2 Done
After a long internal battle with himself, which he eventually lost, Shuuya went back to grab Kitan's discarded schoolbag. Feeling like a vulture and hating himself for it, Shuuya began digging through the bag for anything that could be of any use.
He started by tossing all of the text books, one or two of which still had their plastic wrapping, out onto the sand.
The kid hadn't even read-- Shu forcibly derailed his train of thought right there; thinking like that now would probably cause his hindbrain to tap directly his legs, making him to walk out into the ocean.
Shuuya ended up with a pile of discarded school stuff next to him and, slung over his shoulder, a satchel containing the following: A pocket knife; a few sticks of gum; a pair of scissors; a half-filled paper lunch bag; a small first aid kit.
He got to work by cleaning the cut on his face with a small blob from a tube of antiseptic from the kit, before inexpertly placing a band-aid over the wound.
After regarding
:iconinuryan:Inuryan 2 21
Mature content
AG: Clash pt 6 WIP :iconinuryan:Inuryan 1 13
Mature content
Swirly II- Round 1 :iconinuryan:Inuryan 4 11

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Hey guys!
For those of you interested in my Vocal work, I've finally gotten around to producing a proper Demo Reel!
It can be found on my youtube channel here:…

Recently, Lapis-Razuri ran a competition for voices in her Far Beyond the World animation project. Two hundred entrants were whittled down to 48, roughly 9 people per character. I don't envy Lapis-Razuri's task in cutting down that many people, but a strong cast has been worked out!
Check out the voice trailer here:…

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